Bill Van Schie, BA (Divinity), MA (Counselling)

Bill Van Schie, BA (Divinity), MA (Counselling)


Bill has been in pastoral ministry in local congregations for more than 35 years. He is currently the Director of Mount Evelyn Counselling.

Bill is a clinical member of Christian Counsellor’s Association and registered with PACFA and ARCAP. He has specialised in the areas of depression recovery, trauma processing, and marriage counselling.

Bill is the author of the pre-marital guidance book that is compatible with Prepare/Enrich, Preparing to Leave and Cleave.

Bill has also developed a self-esteem program through which many have found their sense of worth, belonging and achievement as they have found a new freedom, identity and confidence. Bill is the Director of Mount Evelyn Counselling. Bill has also taught counselling at Tertiary Institutions. At the present time besides doing counselling and supervising counsellors, Bill conducts workshops and seminars throughout Australia on counselling related subjects.

Bill has a particular interest and passion for integrating spirituality with the counselling process.

Bill works especially in the following areas:

  • Marriage and relationships
  • Impact of trauma and abuse on identity
  • Providing supervision to pastors and counsellors
  • Resolving depression & anxiety through addressing core identity issues
  • Breaking addiction patterns

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